sonic sculpting #2

'pop bottle effect' | prototype

early prototype

WHEN THE WIND BLOWS over the openings at the top of the pipes, they acoustically come alive with the ‘pop bottle’ effect; the shape and length of the poles can produce a surreal harmonica sound (depending on the strength of the wind).

'sonic crystal' prototype #1

street prototype #1

SHIFTS OF SOUND are easier to detect by cozying up to the sculpture.

HARD REFLECTIVE SURFACES (such as the bus shelter to the left) redirect street ambience toward and through the ‘sonic crystal’…

By being more attentive to the sonic footprint of landscape architecture, I learned how to optimally situate the sculpture prototypes for best effect.

87 Street bustop 2The relationship between the prototype and a nearby reflective surface can be as affective as natural acoustic filters, such as a tightly knit grove of aspen trees.

2 thoughts on “sonic sculpting #2

  1. Hi Don – am reviewing the concepts on this site. Having been a small town country boy at heart – I remember the year in 1972 the Jaycees planted trees on the strip of land where the old train station had been. The Spruce trees grew up – and changed the sound scape of the downtown in Innisfail. I have not checked if they are still there recently. I would not be suprised if the CPR had them removed as they may have caused more snow to settle on the tracks.
    Nature has provided many shapes and forms of plants that would in some ways be as artistic as other mediums. The misplaced gates from ski hills where the sonic boom of the ski racers slip sliding down the impacted icy slope disturbs the natural gentleness of the space – seem to me a visual distraction that brings forth that famous piece of art The Scream. Consider willows or bamboo- that can grow like weeds – even attracting animals to eventually invade the possible vacant areas of the city when the bitumen bubble and the masses move on to the next resource area. The fracking and oil industry now openly own and manage alberta including the water licensing and distribution.
    The use of pumping oil and gas (light crude condensate) now termed di bit or diluent where no royalties are paid because such is unconventional oil – actually used in the new clean green SAGD (Steam No Solvent Yes) extraction method is when the aquifers are polluted the Serengeti is going to be a great attractive place to locate. It is also used to mix with the heavy crude to flow down the pipelines containing the H2S gas that eats through steel as any acid in conjunction with steel in the toxic soup.
    Perhaps my rant is indicative of my likeness to mayor Rob Ford – who is the existential poster – boy of the sick and addicted – unconscious citizen Canadians are becoming. I’ve blown up my TV – (since CTV) the storyteller of industry is the only peasant channel I receive. My physical / emotional / mental health has improved since choosing to not take the statin for cholesterol which was making me ill, depressed, confused and unable to move. The work we are called to be about is upon us – and I am getting tired of the cake and oats I eat everyday.

    • A hunch, I’m investigating, is the disruption of geological formations inclusive of streams running underfoot may be perturbing the sonic architecture above ground (associated with ‘special places’ I describe in the series INSIGHT TREKS). Your rumination is appreciated, Bruce!

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