about don hill

another donDON HILL is a sound artist, writer, and filmmaker.

He’s interested in the subjectively transparent and how ‘it’ can objectively be made apparent. For instance, he completed an investigation of the psychoacoustic properties of carillon bells atop Edmonton’s City Hall and how specific pitches associated with each chime relate to and affect the acoustics of a large public gathering space in the heart of the downtown core.

Don recently presented evidence which speaks to the affects of acoustic stimuli on the human central nervous system. He also has described the sonic architecture embedded in a 5,300 year old medicine wheel, an alignment of placed stones spread out over 20 square kilometers on the Canadian prairie.

The support of the Canada Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton Arts Council and Landscape Architects of Canada Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.




5 thoughts on “about don hill

  1. Very reassuring to hear your views on sound. I have been interested in sound, its generation and how different cultures understand and use sound for a long time.
    Unfortunately I will be teaching when you do your presentation at Lincoln, but I will try and get to see you after your presentation if you are free. I will contact Daniel to see if this is possible.

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