research + experiments

WITH GRANTS from the Edmonton Arts Council, Canada Council and the Landscape Architects of Canada Foundation, I investigated the psychoacoustic properties of the carillon bells and how specific tonal frequencies associated with each chime relate to and affect the acoustics of a large public gathering space in the heart of a downtown core (some of the results of that research are here).

grassi lakes pictograph

grassi lakes pictographs

UNUSUAL TOPOGRAPHY at ‘rock art’ pictograph sites has been known to create the conditions for unexpected acoustic phenomena—iconic imagery serves as a potent decoy to direct human attention to the extraordinary sound at ‘special places’.

hoodoosAN EVER-PRESENT WIND blowing out from the west and the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta is filtered through sandstone hoodoo formations and shaped into pitches of sound (which I have written about for Alberta Views Magazine).

YOU CAN LISTEN to 3D binaural-microphone recordings from a 5,300 year old medicine wheel here, as well as read the magazine article I wrote about this remarkable place on the Canadian prairie.

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