white noise + sonic sculpting #3

WHITE NOISE is “any signal that has a similar hissing sound.” Ocean surf is a good example.

prototype #3

prototype #3

White noise can be thought of as redundant and always the same; however, there are many shades and colours of white noise — acoustic pitches that are shaped by nearby stones, hard surfaces, the interplay of weather and the seasons.

THE EBB AND FLOW of water, for instance, generates flavours of white noise that can be used to refashion any space to one’s preferred aesthetic.

PERSISTENT WIND is also a superb tributary of white noise.

The video (below) demonstrates another component of my sonic palette: a prairie grasses/cattail-like sculpture that has sonic crystal qualities to attenuate and shape sound animated by the wind (listen with headphones).

2 thoughts on “white noise + sonic sculpting #3

  1. There is a sonic crystal in the Mayan city of Chichen Itza in thr form of a structure called the Temple of the Warriors/plaza of 1000 columns There a single hand-clap in front of the staircases produces a quetzal chirp (from stairs)

    followed by the sound of a rattlesnake from colonnade that extends to the right.

    Two Quetzalcoatl (feathered rattlesnake) statues reside at the top of the steps.

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